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hmpth on somebody

July 31, 2008

Okay now this really sucks big time.

How offensive can any of the pictures found on this blog be? Yeah I guess that this is a bit of an “adult” oriented type of blog, sorry about that, to all of you sensitive souls out there who seem to be offended by pictures of beautiful women.

You know, you should take a look around this site and take a look at all of the erotica based journals and you’d see that our site is pretty damn tame, as compared to those other ones.

I am sorry if there are some out there who feel they need to police this site and then censor these blogs.

Yes we realize that the TOS restrict “adult oriented” blogs, we accept that fact, but you know, who really likes a snitch, a rat fink…and yeah, we also realize that since our entries will no longer find their ways to the listings, the chances of any of this being read, or the blog being seen, this rant doesn’t matter much.

We have moved to our other WordPress blog

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