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Hillary, is it true?

July 12, 2008

Well no insult intended, just an irreverent thing here about Hillary Clinton:

{posted by T2 Naysayer}


Is Hillary a closet lesbian? There’s plenty of gossip, has been for years. Follow the link to a site where you can vote for Hillary!
Hillary a Lesbian?



Barbara throws her weight for Hillary!

Barbara Streisand for Hillary




Ooohboy…sheesh. Did she actually pose for this? If so, was she just wearing a bra? That looks like a bra, don’t it?

Yeah, it’s fake and even if she did have those full, big tits, and looked like some drunkard’s MILF fantasy, there’s some of us out here who would still not vote for her!


Fake…of course, she was never a cover girl, never could pass for one either, maybe she could pass, when she was in college, as a “hippie chick,” she most likely burned a few ropes with Billy boy, probably was up there on the roof of the White House with Billy and Willy when they smoked…oops, off track here.


Funny, really, but not really at the same time.


Well, this has to be a fake sign, I don’t think KFC would allow such a sign…

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