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Craig Fergusons is an asshole

June 18, 2008

This guy is a total asshole. He was an idiot on the Drew Carey show, he’s an asshole as a late-late night talk show host. I’m stuck watching this sometimes-drunken, sometimes-coke’d up moron, because there is nothing else to watch on “regular TV” late at night, when the cable tv connection is gone.

I’ve watched his idiocy for a long while, he’s out there acting like some drunken, drugged moron, his comedy act lacks a shit load…though I will admit that there are rare moments when it passes as gaseous fun. Sure there will be people who like him and like his comedy, however most of it, IMHO sucks, totally.

What, they couldn’t find a legitimate comedian or some intelligent, non-drunk, non-drugged person for a late-late night talk show? Once again we see the TV big shots sponging the bottom of the barrel to make up empty airtime…gimmie a break.

Official website

His attempt at debunking the stereotypical drunken Scottish male
If he is trying to debunk this cultural view of a Scottish male, he isn’t being very successful because he perpetuates the image…

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