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the sopranos

June 11, 2008

When this series first came up on HBO, I wasn’t subscribed to that service, and even when I had a chance to watch the show, I didn’t because I had no interest.  Oh there were times when I did watch it, sort of.

But you know, I recently (about a month ago) had the chance to watch the show again, thanks to cable.  My wife is a big fan of the show, so that afternoon we watched it.  Yeah, then I got really interested in the series and now, I’m a big fan of the show.

I went down to the local Blockbuster to see if they had the series on DVD to rent; they do have it, however they have the series so disorganized and mixed up, I have no idea if they have the complete series.

What bugs me is that I haven’t seen the first of the series and I’m not sure exactly where in the whole series that they’re in, now, as they show it on cable.  Tony has gotten rid of Big Pussy…and just got rid of Ralphie and is having weirdo dreams of being in the backseat of a car, driven by Carmella, Ralphie, with bald head is sitting in the front passenger seat; cocoon on head, becoming a moth (he insists it was a butterfly, but???) and other weird dreams.

So here I am, praising a really cool series and wishing that I knew for sure if local Blockbuster, as being as disorganized as it is, when it comes to this program, have all of the episodes—now that I am addicted, I gotta watch it.

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