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beware of UBS Financial Services

May 7, 2008

This is a warning to just about anybody who has any kind of money to invest in such things as stock in big businesses, or just about any kind of high finance business; national (US) or overseas.

Warning: beware of UBS Financial Services

All this company is interested in, is being the co-world dominator, sitting pretty next to Wal-Mart (hey don’t laugh!). They might not be connected with each other (or they could be), however their goal is world domination (financial). UBS Financial Services is a bogus company, rolling in high finance at the expense of the small time investors.

Let me put it this way; there’s this particular VP of Foreign Investments who works in one of the UBS Regional Offices in Texas, this gentleman, if “gentleman” is an appropriate word for him (which it really isn’t), is nothing more than a lecherous bastard, an SoB, a bigoted, arrogant fucker, who tromps over those below him, and who has some very highly questionable ethics and morals. The guy was (and still might be) a substance abuser, alcoholic, and a very arrogant fucker who is solely interested in his own financial wealth and gain, at other people’s expense.

If this “gentleman” is a most excellent representative of UBS Financial Services, then their own business ethics and morals must be questioned too, since this “gentleman” is a VP within the company. Put it this way, this jerk is one of the big sprockets on the corporate cog—and if he is such a highly placed individual within the company, then the business ethics and morals of the company itself is suspect.

Find a different high finance company to be your financial adviser, or use another company to have a stock portfolio through—in the end, you will be fucked by UBS Financial Services.

LINK: UBS Financial Services Site

LINK to article about UBS: UBS to sell…

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